WhatsApp works in the multiple selection of chats

The latest beta phase of the application reveals that multiple chats can be selected on the Desktop at the same time

WhatsApp is developing the ability to select several platform chats simultaneously for its Desktop version, a feature that it hopes to incorporate soon and roll out globally.

Currently, the Desktop version of this Meta service only allows you to select each of the chats individually to, for example, delete them or select them from the main interface.

However, the company is developing a feature that will allow you to select several of these conversations simultaneously, according to the latest WhatsApp Desktop beta.

In a screenshot you can see how the arrow located in the upper right part of the interface, the menu in which the Create group and Create community options are also available, also includes the Select chats option when clicked on it.

Once this button is implemented, users will be able to mute or mark two or more conversations as read or unread simultaneously and without having to go one by one on the Desktop platform version.

This capability is a feature in development and will be released in a future WhatsApp beta desktop update. At the moment, there is no specific date for its implementation at a global level.

Source: dpa

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