Cost of the food basket in May reached USD 547.13

According to Óscar Meza, director of Cendas-FVM, the value of the basic basket in the month of May in Venezuela was USD 547.13 and the basic basket, USD 1,163.12

The Cendas-FVM data placed the price of the basic basket at USD 547.13 for the month of May and the basic basket, USD 1,163.12.

According to its director, Óscar Meza, the increase in the price of food affects the purchasing power of the population, with a minimum wage of less than $5 per month.

When comparing the value of the basic basket in May with respect to April, there was an increase of 0.9 %, which shows a trend of stability.

However, any increase affects the purchasing power of the population. “In the month of May, 167.59 minimum wages were required and 5.58 minimum wages were required daily.”

The Cendas-FVM pointed out that among the items that dropped in price are “fish and seafood (-0.2%); milk, cheese and eggs (-0.5%); fats and oils (-0.1%), fruits and vegetables (-3.3%), roots and tubers (-1.1%); grains (-1.7%); sugar and salt (-1.4%) sauce and mayonnaise (-1.3%) and coffee (-1.7%).” Cereals, on the other hand, as well as meat and derivatives did not drop in price.

The center estimates that the average personal expense would be “$400 to cover only food and health.”


Source: diarioelregionaldelzulia

(Reference image source: Unsplash+, in collaboration with Getty Images)

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