Venezuela will monitor operations with cryptocurrencies

Sudeban and Sunacrip will monitor all operations carried out using cryptocurrencies in the country

The Superintendency of Banks (Sudeban), together with the Superintendency of Cryptoactives (Sunacrip) of Venezuela will monitor in real time the transactions that are directly linked to cryptocurrencies.

Through social networks it was learned that, during a meeting that took place last week, both organizations agreed to tighten the supervision mechanisms on movements that involve digital assets.

All this arises due to some “irregular practices” that could be carried out and that “attack” against the local currency, the digital bolivar as well as the stability of the exchange market.

This is how Sunacrip will monitor “real time” operations. Although they do not clarify it in their statement, this possibly responds to the growth in the adoption of the bitcoin ecosystem and cryptocurrencies in the Caribbean nation.


Source: El Diario

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