Venemergencia: Now you can scan your vital signs in our APP

Venemergencia Group is the first Venezuelan healthcare company to incorporate artificial intelligence into its massive health system

Venemergencia continues to set the standard for health innovation in Venezuela, focused on the quality of the user experience in primary medical care, they have integrated artificial intelligence (AI) into their management and care system. This technological innovation offers new functionalities that promise to continue advancing in the transformation of the health system in the country, starting a new era of human-centered services with the aim of taking users’ medical care experience to another level.

The incorporation of this technological innovation in its APP means that, by simply looking at the camera of the electronic device (whether smartphone, tablet or computer), users will be able to take vital signs using facial recognition and in less than a minute. Key vital signs can be monitored: heart rate, oxygen saturation, respiratory rate and blood pressure. Which can facilitate the initial diagnosis process and provide crucial data quickly and non-invasively. Additionally, facial recognition technology allows hemoglobin and stress level to be recorded to determine, together with other signs, an index of well-being.

Additionally, the “DoctorV” is incorporated into the Venemergencia ecosystem, a conversational chatbot based on AI, fast and close, which will help the patient obtain a pre-diagnosis at the end of each conversation where the symptoms will be evaluated using the protocols. most up-to-date scientists. This not only improves accessibility to medical services for people who may have difficulty getting around, but also provides an option for preliminary consultation before determining whether a more detailed physical examination is necessary. Additionally, DoctorV will expeditiously guide patients to the correct medical specialty. By directing patients to the right service at the right time, the integration of this tool provides relief from anxiety related to the patient’s symptoms, increasing engagement and trust with their insurance provider.

“At Venemergencia we are committed to giving access to health to all Venezuelans, that is why we implement cutting-edge technologies that can be applied to improve their quality of life,” said Andrés Simón González Silén, founding partner of Venemergencia.

These technologies not only represent an advance in medical care in Venezuela, but are also indicative of a global trend towards the digitalization and personalization of medical care for which Venemergencia takes a step on par with technological advances to provide access to the quality health that we want to receive and that allows evolution in medical care for all of us who live in Venezuela.

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With information and images from Venemergencia

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