OpenSea updates its policies for NFT theft

The company OpenSea, through which most of the valuable collections of NFTs pass, announced new mechanisms for this market and thus avoid the commercialization of stolen items or about which there is a complaint on suspicion of illegality

The OpenSea platform, the main marketing route for NFTs, announced changes to its security policies to combat the sale of stolen products or products suspected of being illegal.

Asset theft remains the top crime in the non-fungible token market. Among the most affected companies is OpenSea, which has been involved in complaints of phishing and other mechanisms used by cybercriminals.

The company is taking steps to combat the trading of stolen assets, including the use of police reports to confirm reports of stolen items within the platform.

OpenSea fights against the trading of stolen assents

OpenSea’s policy adjustments are also aimed at giving users confidence, as in the past some people were penalized for purchasing stolen items, despite not being aware of such irregularity.

In this sense, the company has said that if a complaint is not verified in a period of seven days, it will approve the trading of products again. And if there are stolen items, once they are recovered, it will enable the purchase and sale.

Regarding the fight against the mechanisms most used by cyberattackers for their criminal acts, such as phishing, OpenSea had already implemented the function that allows suspicious transactions to be immediately hidden. From the company they have indicated that this mechanism will also be enabled soon on issues such as copyright theft, ad blocking and fraudulent advertising.


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