Trump pays bail for USD 175 million in financial fraud case

Donald Trump paid a bail of USD 175 million to avoid the seizure of his properties, after being accused of inflating prices to obtain higher bank loans

The former President of the United States, Donald Trump, who aspires to return to the White House soon, managed to cancel a bail before the US justice system for USD 175 million to avoid the seizure of his properties.

Let us remember that Trump was accused of allegedly inflating the prices of his real estate to obtain better credit from banking institutions. In mid-February, the Republican was fined USD 454 million, as were his sons Eric and Don Jr., accused of financial fraud within his Trump Organization real estate empire. The deadline for payment was established at that time for next Thursday, April 4, to deliver the bond in this case and for which the appeal was filed.

The candidate to win the presidential election on May 5 declared: “I deeply respect the decision of the appeals court and I will pay 175 million dollars (…) very quickly, within ten days.”

By paying bail for the financial fraud case, Trump avoided the seizure of his assets while he appeals the Court’s decision and having to pay more than USD 454 million he owes.


Source: vozdeamerica

(Reference image source: Sasun Bughdaryan in Unsplash)

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