Cybersecurity breach in digital toys would put minors at risk

Digital toys can present security gaps and allow a cyberattacker to communicate with underage users, bypassing the representatives' blocking protocols

The toy market includes digital devices that could become a gateway for attackers on the web, taking advantage of security gaps that are not easy to detect by parents or guardians.

Security measures such as passwords and locking systems on these digital toys are set by adults. However, there are data on violations of these blocks and that they allow direct contact with minors through a call or video call.

These contacts represent a high risk for children, since they could encourage them to leave the safety of the home for an encounter with a “friend” who has contacted them during play.

Cybersecurity specialists recommend simple steps to protect children from cyberbullying and other crimes:

  • Update software of all smart toys.
  • Review and limit app permissions for digital toys, focusing particularly on access to features and data.
  • Buy smart toys from recognized brands and investigate the safety measures it includes before purchasing.
  • Activate reliable security solutions among those offered on the market.
  • Turn off the toy when not in use to prevent easy access to data through the built-in microphone or cameras.


Source: revistaeyn

(Reference image source: Kelly Sikkema in Unsplash)

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