The United States studies easing sanctions on Venezuela

Estados Unidos y Venezuela estarían en conversaciones preliminares para un levantamiento parcial de las sanciones, condicionado a elecciones justas en 2024

The government of President Joe Biden has begun talks with Venezuela with the purpose of exploring the possibility of temporarily lifting sanctions in exchange for guaranteeing fair elections next year.

In this preliminary stage of dialogue, senior officials from both nations, including the president of the National Assembly, Jorge Rodríguez, are involved in the talks. Sources close to the process, who requested anonymity, revealed that these talks are underway.

Dialogue perspectives

One of the proposals that Washington has presented is the easing of sanctions as an incentive for the government of President Nicolás Maduro to organize competitive presidential elections in 2024. In addition, the release of political prisoners has been mentioned as part of the possible agreement.

The sanctions have had a significant impact on the economy and humanitarian situation in Venezuela. While they were intended to hinder oil sales and help Maduro oust, they did not achieve their initial goal.

Possible US concession

In case of reaching an agreement, the United States would grant a temporary license to lift some or all of the sanctions imposed on Venezuelan institutions.

This could pave the way for a normalization process, although more details will be needed to determine the magnitude and duration of such a lift.

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(Reference image source: Tabrez Syed, Unsplash)

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