Mozilla announces its social network on Mastodon

The browser officially launched, a platform aimed at creating a space for dialogue

Mozilla has joined social networks with an instance in the Mastodon fediverse, which it launched this Thursday as a private beta, with which they do not intend to be neutral but to create a space for dialogue in which everyone can participate. is the social network that the browser debuted at Mastodon, as part of the fediverso that it promotes, which “moves the power away from big technology companies and puts it in the hands of diverse voices to build a social platform that meets the needs of people, not the needs of shareholders.

As of this week, it is available as a private beta with a waiting list, because Mozilla has proposed this project as “a long-term investment” with which they believe they can “contribute to improving Mastodon and social networks in general” as they explain in the official blog.

The social network will have moderation. It will not be a neutral platform, as Mozilla warns, since they consider that the expression neutrality is frequently used “as an excuse to allow behavior and content designed to harass and harm people from communities that have always faced harassment and violence.”

Instead, moderation will be based on the values embodied in the Mozilla Manifesto, which include human dignity, inclusion, safety, individual expression, and collaboration. There will be rules that will govern the way in which all users will interact on the social network, and for this reason they already anticipate that whoever does not agree is “completely free to go elsewhere.”

They also warn that they don’t think the moderation rules are “perfect on day one,” and even admit that they may never be. But they assure that they are working to “create a way to have a dialogue with the community.


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(Reference image source: Mozilla, Europa Press)

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