Candidates for the presidency of Ecuador will combat insecurity in the country

Luisa González and Daniel Noboa, candidates for the presidential elections of Ecuador on October 15, promise to toughen measures to combat insecurity

Correista Luisa González, from Revolución Ciudadana, and businessman Daniel Noboa, representative of National Democratic Action (ADN), both candidates for the Presidency of Ecuador, faced each other this Sunday in a debate in which they promised to toughen the measures to combat the growing insecurity in the country.

Thus, Gónzalez has proposed militarizing prisons, customs, ports and airports, a measure that, he believes, will serve to fight against drug traffickers and that will also have the help of other countries.

“The first thing is for a government that let organized crime to infiltrate the country to leave,” the Correista candidate emphasized, according to the newspaper Primicias.

Furthermore, these controls will be linked to the generation of employment and the “recovery” of public spaces as a way to reduce common crime.

In that sense, Noboa has also guaranteed cooperation with foreign governments, such as the Israeli, the strengthening of border controls, creating citizen surveillance units in the neighborhoods or the establishment of prison barges to isolate prisoners.

On the other hand, both candidates have promised more social investments, especially in health and education.

The electoral campaigns for the second round, which will be held on October 15, have been marked mainly by the growing insecurity in the country, which resulted in the murder of candidate Fernando Villavicencio, of the Construye Movement Party, at the end of a rally.

In the first round of the elections, held on August 20, the candidate of the Citizen Revolution movement (left) of former president Rafael Correa achieved 33 % of the votes, followed by the National Democratic Action alliance (right) of Noboa, which came close to almost 23 % of support.

Source: dpa

(Referential image source: Reiseuhu, Unsplash)

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