Spanish law firm launches cryptocurrency pombo

The cryptocurrency of the firm Gómez - Acebo & Pombo will be used for the payment of legal services and currently for activities and charities

Gómez – Acebo & Pombo, one of the most renowned law firms in Spain and Portugal, developed the first cryptocurrency in the legal sector and called it pombo. The currency will be based on the Stellar network.

The purpose of the cryptoactive is to be used for the payment of legal services in the long term. For the time being, it will be used for social responsibility activities carried out through the Fernando Pombo Foundation.

It is the first office in the Iberian country to have its own cryptographic currency. In July, a total of 350 pombos will be launched on the market, which will be sold in packages of 35 units at a price of 1,000 euros each.

In the first issue the units will be exclusive for the clients of the legal group and it will have an annual duration, that is to say in July 2020 the tokens will be amortized.

The people who acquire the cryptocurrency will be able to choose the social project to which they wish to allocate the acquired tokens. Without a doubt, that is the fundamental objective of the pombos; finance social projects for access to justice.


Source: Diario Bitcoin

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