Technological and empowered mothers

Today's woman makes the most of new technologies, including in the upbringing, education and protection of children. On Mother's Day, digital communication is, without a doubt, an ally in family unity

Mothers have always managed to balance, with or without sacrifice, work and marital life with raising children. Nowadays, new technologies are your great ally.

The use of applications and digital platforms are the perfect way for mothers to work remotely. This allows them to fulfill their professional responsibilities without neglecting the care of their children.

Although it is not an easy task, as it requires discipline and commitment to stick to schedules that correspond to each facet of their lives, technological mothers are making progress thanks to various mobile applications, particularly in terms of communication and organization. In this sense, they help them with digital calendars and agendas, reminders and planning accessories, in addition to keeping them in permanent communication with the office and their family. They just need to check the Apple or Google app store for the list of options.

Of course, the upbringing and health of children is the priority. Today’s woman searches the Internet and contacts specialists in key matters such as the best medical care and the most suitable education for her children.

As allies of modern mothers, we find interactive resource platforms, online language or Mathematics classes, as well as educational programs in the “learn by playing” style, beyond permanent communication by video call or instant messaging with teachers and others involved in the educational system of their children. On the other hand, the network offers multiple references to authorized pediatric centers and other medical care centers for minors.

The working mother must combine work demands with childcare (Reference image source: Unsplash+)
The working mother must combine work demands with childcare (Reference image source: Unsplash+)


Security is a sensitive topic. Mothers have smart monitors with WiFi to check the baby’s well-being remotely, as well as applications to record feeding, medical appointments, and progress in their growth.

In terms of health and well-being for her, as the head of the family, there is an endless list of applications, programs and platforms aimed at sports, natural medicine, nutrition and medical assistance, educational games, recommendations for vacations or moments of relaxation, which provide wellness options to today’s woman and mother.


(Main reference image source: Unsplash+, in collaboration with Getty Images)

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