Watson is the new IBM virtual assistant with artificial intelligence

During the Think Summit 2019 in Colombia, BM made clear its commitment to the world of medicine by announcing the launch of Watson, a virtual assistant with artificial intelligence

The Artificial Intelligence department of IBM announced the launch of Watson, its new virtual assistant for the field of medicine during the recent Think Summit Colombia 2019.

IBM “seeks to offer technological solutions that directly impact the development of society itself.” It is important to highlight the incorporation of artificial intelligence in this product, to imitate the way of thinking and acting of human beings, as well as the movements.

Watson will be applied in the field of medicine to assist doctors and other health professionals in the process of evaluation, patient diagnosis, decision making.

The virtual assistant learns what is taught and was designed for tasks of great responsibility. The information that is provided allows you to answer questions about risky pathologies, such as cancer, and the treatment required to be successful.

Collaboration with the doctor is the fundamental objective of Watson, in addition to contributing to the process of digital transformation, as an ally to reach an advanced level of accuracy.


Source: Gerente.com

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