Security experts warn of espionage risks in Germany

Germany's internal intelligence service emphasizes the importance of delving into cybersecurity against espionage, mainly from Russia and China

Companies and research institutions in Germany must exercise caution due to the growing risks of espionage, especially from Russia and China, security experts recommended today.

“Authoritarian regimes use liberal freedoms to extend their influence,” said Sinan Selen, vice president of the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution, Germany’s internal intelligence service.

In a conference titled “A boiling world: challenges for our supply chains, research and critical infrastructures”, Selen explained that such regimes employ espionage methods such as the deployment of state-paid investigators, the recruitment of German scientists and campaigns of cyberattack.

The expert explained that the sectors most affected by espionage were aerospace, biotechnology, industrial robotics, communications technology and mechanical engineering.

Selen argued that in order to better protect Germany as a place of business, it is important that the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution and companies exchange information about current threats internally in a spirit of trust.

“It doesn’t make much sense for those who have already faced threats to keep them to themselves,” he argued.

For his part, Christian Mölling, from the German Council on Foreign Relations (DGAP), said that now it is important to think not only about the consequences of Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine, but also to consider what risks the scenario of a possible conflict in Asia.

Source: dpa

(Reference image source: Unsplash, in collaboration with Getty Images)

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