Google sync apps on accounts linked to multiple devices

Google will make life easier for users by automatically syncing apps in accounts linked to multiple devices

Google Play is implementing a new tool that allows you to synchronize the installation of an application on multiple Android devices linked to the same account, which avoids having to download them individually on each of them.

Currently, the same application can be used on two or more devices and they will be automatically synchronized once the session has been started. This is the case of streaming music services, which show the last song played regardless of the terminal from which it was last listened to.

To use an app on each phone, however, it must be downloaded to each device through the Google Play Store or other app stores. However, Google is working on a new format that will allow, with a single download, the application to be installed on all devices that are logged in with a certain account.

This option, discovered by a user on Twitter and picked up by Android Police, appears in the “Manage applications and devices” section and is called Sync applications with devices. Some users have been able to see it in the Google eShop.

When you click this button, the system will present a list of all phones and tablets that have been logged in with that account, as well as a note that “Apps you install on this device will also be installed on your synced devices.”

According to Android Police, this functionality for the moment would only be intended for the most recently installed applications and that, according to what other Android testers have learned, the synchronization option is also automatically enabled for Wear OS devices.

Source: dpa

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