China promises market opening to multinational companies

Li Keqiang, Chinese Prime Minister, promised opening of the Asian market in the framework of a tough trade war with the United States. Additionally, the government prepares a blacklist of unreliable foreign companies

The Chinese authority expressed its support to the representatives of 19 foreign multinational companies since they provided financing, technology and a new way of thinking about the nation. Obviously, at the same time these companies reaped benefits in the market. The statements were offered by Li at the Peoples Palace in Beijing, the seat of parliament.

The prime minister exhorted: “We will bring more flexible access to a large number of sectors to create an internationalized commercial environment, with the axis in the market and based on the law”.

Similarly, the Chinese government announced last month that it was drawing up a blacklist of unreliable foreign companies. However, no further details were offered in this regard. Probably the list represents a reprisal to the offensive of the US administration against Huawei.

It is worth remembering that the technological giant was integrated into a list of suspicious companies to which American entities can not sell technological devices.

Among the companies at the meeting with the Chinese prime minister were the German automakers Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz and the Finnish technology company Nokia.


Source: Banca & Negocios

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