Telefónica will present its products in the metaverse

The telecommunications company Telefónica plans to present its new metaverse and Web3 products and recommendations in September

The Spanish multinational telecommunications company Telefónica plans to present its products and its metaverse and web3 recommendations within the framework of the Southern Conference System at the end of next September, as reported by the director of Telefónica’s Digital unit, Chema Alonso.

According to Alonso, the demand from telecommunications and service companies is quite high and it is important “to meet these requirements. “Telefónica must be the pioneer company in this field as the largest technology company in Spain”.

The main Telecommunications company in Europe has indicated its interest in these new technologies, to the point that it has made important changes in its organizational structure in order to take on these new challenges.

At the Telefónica World Conference in Barcelona, ​​held recently, the company participated in the creation of an innovation center in Madrid in alliance with Meta, and also presented its metarverse director, Yaiza Rubio.

Integration of services and businesses in the metaverse

Alonso also indicated that Telefónica’s innovation area has professionals specialized in the development of products and technology “such as Web3, cryptocurrencies or tokens. In addition, the unit has 80 open spaces”.

According to the director, the main element in the approach of the telecommunications operators is the “proposition of integration of the service with its business, something that Telefónica always values”.

For his part, José María Álvarez Pallete, the president of Telefónica, pointed out the potential of the metaverse and Web3 in public intervention.

During the World Conference, Álvarez Pallete made reference to the changes that, from his perspective, the metaverse and Web3 will bring about in the business environment, highlighting that the “winners of this new internet era do not have to be the same ones that dominate the digital society.”

M. Rodríguez

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