Samsung and Cheil launch free Impulse app for people with speech disorders

The new Impulse app, launched by Samsung and Cheil, incorporates AI to help people with speech disabilities, such as stuttering

Patients with speech disabilities, such as stuttering, have a new assistant through the free Impulse app created by Samsung and Cheil.

The app is a tool that is incorporated into a device on the wrist and that promises to “transform the lives of people with speech difficulties.”

The innovation of both technologies is driven by Artificial Intelligence and based on a “speech therapy technique known as Rhythm Therapy, which seeks to establish a subconscious pattern in the brain to improve language fluency.”

It is important to highlight that Impulse is part of Samsung’s “Technology with Purpose” program, which seeks to incorporate technologies in education, employability, accessibility and well-being to improve people’s lives.

How does the Impulse app work?

It works by using a natural language processing algorithm to analyze and transform words into rhythmic vibrations that act as a silent assistant on the user’s wrist, “providing tactile feedback about the rhythm of speech. This helps users avoid diction blocks and improve fluency in their speech.”

The application is supported by the Association of Speech Therapists of Spain and the Portuguese Society of Fala Therapy in Portugal. It offers various functions, as well as more than 250 rhythm and tone exercises that adapt to the individual progress of each user.

Impulse is now available to download, free of charge, in the Play Store for Android 10 and above, compatible Galaxy Watch6 smartwatches.


Source: zonamovilidad

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