ESET Small Business Security: Comprehensive protection for home offices and MSMEs

This cybersecurity proposal seeks to meet the needs of an important and large global market

A new global offering that includes security for online transactions, allowing you to lock and locate devices in case of loss or theft, manage passwords, protect servers, encrypt confidential data and counter phishing scams, in a simple way, has been designed and is being deployed by ESET.

Small businesses, collectively, comprise a massive workforce. Globally, microenterprises as well as small and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) are estimated to represent 90 % of organizations. In Latin America, they are the ones that generate the most employment. In Mexico, for example, 97.6% of establishments are microbusinesses, while in Argentina data from 2022 indicated that there are approximately 278 thousand micro businesses that employ more than 522 thousand workers. The situation is similar elsewhere: companies with 1-9 employees represent 74.1% of Canadian companies and 82% of all UK companies.

ESET, a leading proactive threat detection company, announces its new ESET Small Business Security (ESBS) offering, designed specifically to meet the cybersecurity needs of small businesses/home offices. This comprehensive security solution is designed to provide seamless, easy-to-use protection, allowing its users to thrive in an increasingly digital landscape.

ESBS is a proof of ESET’s commitment to innovation and its dedication to supporting the growth and security of small businesses globally. The solution can support five to 25 devices (depending on country) and offers multiple features designed to safeguard online transactions and browsing, secure devices, manage passwords, protect Windows servers, encrypt sensitive data, and counter phishing scams. Additionally, ESBS facilitates secure and anonymous browsing along with unlimited VPN security where applicable, ensuring that both personal and work devices are protected from cyber threats.

Viktória Ivanová, Vice President of ESET Consumer and IoT Segment, said at the launching: “At ESET, we are aware of the unique needs of our small business/home office customers, who sit between consumer and enterprise. With the launch of ESET Small Business Security, we aim to provide small business/home office owners with a simple yet powerful solution for their businesses that is easily manageable, highly reliable, tailored to their needs, and allows them to focus on their business. growth without compromising security.”

ESBS includes the ESET HOME security management platform, which allows the user to have complete security management and gives them an accurate overview of the security status, connected devices, subscriptions and functions used. ESET HOME is available through a web portal and mobile app, allowing users to keep the security of their devices under control wherever they go.

It is important to say that ESBS ensures reliable security with minimal system footprint, ensuring efficient, easy-to-manage, and compatible protection across multiple operating systems, including Windows, Android, and macOS. Customers benefit from a comprehensive security solution, including unlimited VPN, secure banking, a browser security and privacy extension, a password manager, secure server (for file servers running on Windows Server), anti-theft, ransomware shield and more. This solution represents a significant advancement in cybersecurity management and offers unparalleled convenience and control to SOHO business owners.

It is believed to mark a fundamental step in the provision of specific cybersecurity solutions for the SOHO market, reinforcing ESET’s position as a forward-thinking and customer-focused organization in the digital security space.

You can click here for more information about ESET and its ESBS offering.

With information and reference images provided by ESET and Comstat Rowland

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