Baton Systems raises USD 12 million to accelerate bank-to-bank payments

This Blockchain payment solution, directed by Trinity Ventures, will accelerate the deployment of Ledger's technological infrastructure in the global market

The California-based Financial Infrastructure contains high speed designed to apply strategies to improve efficiency, operability and risk reduction in payments, as well as to finance the rapid and continuous deployment of this technology in the global market.

The main objective of Baton Systems is to eliminate capital-intensive pre-financing of margin requirements, establishing a more operational and efficient infrastructure for the chain of derivatives in the world of finance.

The multiple exchanges and clearing houses that Ledger Blockchain technology used, as well as its implementation in three of the ten main banks in the world, show the efficiency of this provider and the interoperability that integrates it, allowing the liquidation processes and the margin of foreign exchange. The exchange generates favorable results.

These qualities that describe the financial institution Baton has managed to capture the attention of the Italian Banking Association, who announced that Italian banks will integrate distributed technology into internal settlement processes. A way to reform the dynamics to make payments in the financial markets.


Source: thenoticiasbitcoin


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