Red ronnin from Axie Infinity was reopened

Game developer Axie Infinity announced that the bridge is back in stock after the $600 million hack

Developer Sky Mavis announced that the ronin bridge from the popular game Axie Infinity has been activated again after three months of being disabled.

It is important to remember that the pause was due to a hack that the company suffered on March 29, worth 600 million dollars.

The Ronin Bridge is an ethereum sidechain built for Axie Infinity, and allows users to transfer assets between the sidechain and the ethereum mainnet.

After three audits, one internal and two external, and after a redesign process and full compensation, this connection tool is available again.

In total, Sky Mavis has so far redeemed 117,600 eth and 25.5 million usdc, providing the ethereum liquidity to support users’ wrapped eth on the Ronin network.

K. Tovar

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Source: Cointelegraph

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