PWC Luxembourg will allow payment with bitcoin from October

The subsidiary of the second largest professional services company in the world shows its commitment to meet the growing demand of its customers

Luxembourg-based PwC advances in the management of blockchain and cryptoactive assets, which the audit firm explains, seek to meet the needs of its clients and support the national cryptographic field, as reported by the company in a press article this week.

In that sense, they consider that the underlying technology is a medium to long-term standard in the economy and seeks to position itself as one of the first to adopt crypto payments.

However, the company recognizes the challenges of supporting investment in this field and creating feasible solutions to the client portfolio that make up the firm, which led PWC to carefully evaluate its internal policies and procedures to meet the required standards.

Importantly, the company announced that these financial strategies revolve around global patented blockchain products with the PwC brand, including a cryptographic audit tool, smart tracking, smart credentials, among others.

In the first half of the year, PwC announced the launch of a Halo crypto audit software solution that allows the company to provide independent evidence of public and private key pairing as well as collect data on blockchains transactions and balances. This reinforces the advances that Pwc is currently facing in terms of bitcoin payment.

K. Villarroel

Source: diariobitcoin

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