Oppo ranks as the biggest seller in China

The company, by January of this year, had 21 % of the market share, thus surpassing Huawei and Xiaomi

The Oppo company has established itself as the largest smartphone manufacturer in all of China, for the first time in its short time on the market.

This is how the company has surpassed other large competitors such as Huawei, or even Xiaomi itself, which has become very popular in recent times.

In January of this year, Oppo had 21 % of the market share in the Asian country, while Vivo, which was about to surpass it, was left with 20 %. On the other hand, Huawei fell to third place, tying with Apple and Xiaomi who now have 16 % market share in that country.

In numbers, the growth of the company is considered impressive, since after months it has seen an increases of approximately 33 %, added to the year-on-year increase of 26 % in its sales.

Part of its success was due to adopting a strategy similar to Huawei’s. The company is attacking the segments that its competitors have let loose. This means that it takes advantage of the premium mid-range market with large equipment with powerful hardware at competitive prices such as the Reno 5 series.

K. Tovar

Source: PasionMovil

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