Musk predicts that by 2040 there will be one billion humanoid robots on the market

The magnate owner of Tesla, Elon Musk, revealed that his company has been working on a humanoid robot that works with artificial intelligence

Tesla owner Elon Musk agreed with the founder of the Midjourney artificial intelligence research laboratory, David Holz, who stated that by the 2040s there could be expected to be “1 billion humanoid robots on Earth.”

“Something like this will probably happen, as long as the foundations of civilization are stable,” commented Musk, in response to Holz’s prediction, who believes that 100 billion robots, “mostly extraterrestrials,” will be throughout the solar system by the 2060s.

Tesla has been working in recent years on a human-like robot, which works with the same artificial intelligence used by its electric vehicles, with the aim that it can not only replace human workers on production lines, but also act as domestic assistants, elderly caregivers and even romantic partners.

In 2022, the billionaire stated that the humanoid robot program could become a priority for his company. Not in vain, he even believes that the robot business could be bigger than that of electric cars.

Taken and with information from El Sumario

(Reference image source: Tesla)

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