Pokemon celebrates 25 years on the market

The video game series, first launched in 1996, has sold more than 368 million copies of all its games worldwide

In 1996 few houses had a computer, mobile phones were only used to call and almost no one used the Internet, but a video game saga brought technology into homes, with the launch of the first Pokemon title in Japan: Pokemon Green and Red for the Nintendo GameBoy handheld console.

On February 27, Pokémon Day was celebrated, which this year commemorates the quarter century since the birth of the saga of pocket monsters created by the Japanese Game Freak for Nintendo consoles.

The idea of ​​the franchise was born as a role-playing video game (RPG), in which the player becomes a young trainer whose objective was to catch the 151 pokemon of the initial Pokedex, make his team stronger, defeat the eight gym leaders and beat the best trainers in the Pokémon League.

Part of the game also consisted of catching legendary pokemon, hidden in the great open world, facing and defeating the antagonists of Team Rocket and exchanging creatures with other players through the Game Link cable, from the Nintendo GameBoy, released in 1989 and which has already turned 30 years old.

In 25 years, Pokemon has sold more than 368 million units of video games in the world and the saga has transcended this sector and has starred in television series, comics and movies, among other media, until managing to integrate into popular culture to a large extent of the planet and beat more than one record.

K. Tovar

Source: dpa

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