Maduro authorizes credits in foreign currency

The Venezuelan president assured that he gave directions to the economic area to grant loans through public banks in dollars, euros, and other assets

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro assured that he instructed Vice President Delcy Rodríguez to authorize credits in foreign currency within public banks.

“I believe that the time has come to give credits in public banks in foreign currencies for productive needs; we give it in petro, a cryptocurrency with national and international circulation, and that petro, according to where you go to buy, exchange it in euros , yuan, rubles, inclusive, in dollars“, said the national leader.

This would not only go to the public sector, it is also planned to hold meetings with private banks in order to “multiply loans, financing” to improve conditions in the country.

Maduro assured that measures will be taken to strengthen the economy and the national currency during the second half of the year.

“Venezuela has already been working with cryptocurrencies for 3 years. We have our national currency, the bolivar, and we are going to take measures to strengthen it in the second half,” he stressed.

K. Tovar

Source: El Estimulo

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