Peru officially assumes pro tempore presidency of APEC

The authorities of Peru have celebrated that the South American nation is placed at the head of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum (APEC), after assuming the pro tempore presidency

Peru officially assumed the pro tempore presidency of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Forum, which will have its 31st edition in November 2024 in the South American country.

The appointment to lead APEC, by its acronym in English, represents a new challenge for Peru. Dina Boluarte received praise during the event held on November 17, in which the President of the United States, Joe Biden, participated as host in San Francisco.

Boluarte noted: “We assume this responsibility very seriously, but also with the great affection that Peruvians have in our hearts (…) We can continue building on the values ​​of APEC, promoting equality between men and women.”

The president of Peru briefly addressed the representatives of the 21 nations that make up the Forum and took advantage of the meeting to strengthen relations not only with the United States but with China, through a meeting with Xi Jinping, in order to continue “strengthening relations and bilateral solidarity” with what is the Andean country’s first trading partner.”

Boluarte’s participation was oriented towards two fundamental pillars for APEC member countries: values ​​and equality between men and women.


Source: swissinfo

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