Oracle announced the availability of Java 21 and expanded support

Java 21, from Oracle, is now available. It is the latest version of its programming language, which the platform will support for eight years

Oracle has announced that Java 21 is now available, the latest version of its programming language and the development platform that it will support for eight years, as well as expanded support for Java 11.

Java 21 has been presented within the framework of ‘Oracle CloudWorld’ and responds to 15 JDK Enhancement Proposals to improve the Java language and the performance, stability and security of the platform, as the company has highlighted in a press release.

“The latest improvements in Java 21 allow developers to create higher quality applications even faster than before. In addition, commercial support will be offered for at least eight years to allow customers to migrate at their own pace,” highlighted the vice president. Senior Oracle Java Platform and President of the OpenJDK Governing Body, Georges Saab.

The latest version of the Java Development Kit (JDK) provides updates and improvements in response to 15 Enhancement Proposals (JEP). JDK 21 includes language improvements from the Amber OpenJDK project (string templates, logging patterns, switch pattern matching, patterns and unnamed variables, unnamed classes, and main instance methods) and the Panama project (Functions API and external memory and vector API).

It also offers features related to the Loom project (virtual threads, delimited values, and structured concurrency); performance updates (Generation ZGC); and maintenance and deprecation functions (deprecation of the 32-bit x86 port for removal and preparation for overriding dynamic agent loading).

Oracle will offer support for Java 21 for at least eight years, a period in which it hopes that organizations will have the flexibility to keep their applications in production longer with minimal maintenance and eventually migrate when they see fit.

The technology firm has also announced that long-term support for Java 11 is extended until January 2032, providing at least eight more years of support and updates from Oracle.

Source: dpa

(Referential image source: Oracle, Europa Press / dpa)

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