WhatsApp will offer new features to customers

The app provides three functions that seek to improve the user experience, offering better amenities

The messaging service for smartphones WhatsApp introduces new features to the market that will allow the demanding public to facilitate the management of this network. The new functions are already available and are listed below.

Call waiting

If the uiser find himself making a call and someone else decides to call him, the application will let him know it. However, the new function does not have the call waiting option, the person can only answer the incoming call once she finishes the current one.

Messages reminders

With this function the WhatsApp application allows to add reminders. It is quite simple, since the customer just need to send a message to Any.do, which will ask him the date and time he wishes to receive the task or activity reminder.

Group control

Perhaps it is the best function of the three presented by WhatsApp. Now you can have control over the groups to which they add you by choosing if you want anyone to include you in a group without your consent, or if you prefer, have only your contacts add you to a specific group.

The function also has the option of selecting the people among your contacts that you don’t want to be added to a group. So if someone you have not authorized tries to do so, you will receive an invitation that you may or may not accept.


Source: fayerwayer

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