New G20 approach could spur crypto adoption

The new bill proposed by the international body could reach levels never seen before

The international organization for central bank governors and governments of twenty countries on different continents defined as the G20, has successfully approved the bill called the massive adoption of cryptocurrencies, a victory that could be very beneficial for the economy at scale global.

The interest shown by the G20 towards digital currencies would inspire the world population to get involved in the adoption of crypto and thus reach levels never seen before. This is because the agency’s countries represent 90% of gross world income (all combined gross national income of all countries in the world).

Furthermore, the organization has demonstrated its commitment to complying with the cryptocurrency guidelines of the International Financial Action Task Force (FATF). Russia, one of the G20 members, agreed to establish a regulatory framework for its country that was initially scheduled for July last year but will now be implemented this month.

For its part, Japan continues to actively work to establish a regulatory framework in its country, as do South Africa and South Korea, who have also ensured that they prioritize regulatory standards and work to ensure consistency.

After the last Annual Consultative Forum of the Private Sector from the FATF, held in Austria, one of the points debated at the meeting was the topic of cryptocurrencies, said intergovernmental institution ensures that these virtual assets could be significantly useful and beneficial to the global economy.


Source: criptoinforme

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