New app enables underwater communication

AquaApp is the new application that allows underwater messaging. Ideal for those who practice diving and other sports disciplines in the water

A team of researchers from the University of Washington, United States, has developed a mobile app called AquaApp, which allows messages to be sent underwater.

AquaApp works with an algorithm that allows you to optimize the bit rate as well as the acoustic frequencies of each transmission, by considering key factors such as noise, distance or frequency variations between the devices involved.

The application would be extremely useful to people who practice diving and other disciplines that involve both immersion in the water and communication during each exercise or competition.

This innovative tool was tested on thousands of smartphones and smart watches, achieving an exchange of messages in the water through the exclusive use of software, following technology similar to WiFi.

The developers have pointed out that the app works in underwater environments using the speaker and microphone available in current smartphones and smartwatches. The only requirement to protect the equipment is a waterproof case rated for immersion. Up to 30 meters deep it is ideal for sending and receiving messages; and at 100 meters SOS beacons can be transmitted.


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Source: teckrispy

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