Twitter delayed the launch of its payment API

The social network announced an extension in the launch of its payment API services, which was originally scheduled for February 9

Twitter announced a new extension in the launch of its new application programming interface (API), which would initially close on February 9 and which will begin to be paid once its new version is implemented.

The company has acknowledged that because “there has been immense enthusiasm for the upcoming changes” to this software, it is currently working on “creating an optimal experience for the developer community.”

In this publication, shared through its profile for developers of the social network, Twitter did not specify the launch date of what will be its new API, whose implementation was expected for this Monday, February 13, although it has indicated that it will share ” More information in the coming days”.

In mid-January, Twitter clients such as Twitterrific, Tweetbot and Fenizx announced that they were not receiving a response from the platform due to an alleged error in their API.

Twitter’s response was that it had modified the rules of use of this “long-standing” interface and, although it did not specify what those modifications were, it did indicate that it would introduce a payment API as of February 9.

That same day, the owner of Twitter, Elon Musk, commented that he would set a fee of $100 per month to use his API starting February 13, a subscription that would encourage “ID verification, which will clean things up a lot“.

However, due to the great disagreement of the developers with respect to this measure, he anticipated that there would be a free and “light” version of his API “write-only for ‘bots’ that offer good content”.

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