Microsoft acquires a division of AI

The American company founded by Bill Gates continues betting on the artificial intelligence

The Microsoft company confirmed the acquisition of Lobe, a company dedicated to technology operations with artificial intelligence (AI).

This is not the first time that the company founded by Bill Gates makes a business of this style, in previous opportunities had acquired Semantic Machines and Bonsai.

The executive vice president and CTO, Kevin Scott, said that this is just the beginning for the company to take advantage of all the benefits that artificial intelligence can offer.

“The development of AI and the creation of deep learning models are slow and complex processes even for experienced data developers and scientists”, Scott said.

Although now part of Microsoft, Lobe will continue to operate as an independent service on different platforms compatible with open source.

The company offers a visual tool designed so that anyone can develop fast and personalized models of deep learning. And this, without having to write codes.

K. Tovar

Source: Silicon

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