Meta announced WhatsApp app for Wear OS

By the end of the year, the independent WhatsApp application for Wear OS smartwatches will be ready

In an announcement during the recent Google I / O 2023 conference, Meta indicated that by the end of this year they will launch the standalone WhatsApp application for Wear OS.

According to Meta, users interested in the new app “simply link the smartwatch application to the main account of the messaging platform using an eight-digit code.

Then, the data will be verified on both devices, so that once installed they will be able to read the messages, chat, reply to messages even with audio, send stickers, “answer calls or send messages with the help of Google Assistant.”

As Meta indicated during the event, the objective is to “improve the application’s performance. Users who wish to be part of this novelty “must join the testers program and install version of WhatsApp on both the smartphone and the smartwatch.”


Source: 20minutos

(Reference image source: Alexander Shatov, Unsplash)

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