Maduro announced various measures to optimize the telecommunications sector

The president of Venezuela, Nicolás Maduro, announced measures to improve the telecommunications sector, among which credits, tax exemptions and promotion of 5G technology stand out

Nicolás Maduro, president of Venezuela, announced this Wednesday a series of measures to boost the telecommunications sector and adapt to the new challenges of technology.

During the opening of the first International Telecommunications Fair of Venezuela (Fitelven), inaugurated at the Poliedro of Caracas and which ends this Saturday, September 30, Maduro announced measures “in which his government will work in order to improve the communications system from the country.”

Maduro highlighted: “Advancing expansion, sustainability and innovation is the premise that guides the creation of the Conectar 2030 Agenda, a roadmap that seeks to promote the development of telecommunications in Venezuela.”

Four main focuses have been established on this route, which are:

  • Credits for telecommunications operators: Investment in telecommunications projects will be stimulated, for which the president requested greater support for entrepreneurs, through credits, from the corresponding organizations with credits.
  • Alliances between public and private sectors: Maduro ordered the president of the National Telecommunications Commission (Conatel), Jorge Márquez, “to establish alliances between the public and private sectors that favor the deployment of internet service through fiber optics.”
  • Tax exemption for the telecommunications sector: All companies dedicated to telecommunications and high technology will be exempt for one year from the value added tax and the rate determined by the customs regime on inputs for the development of the companies. telecommunications in the territory.
  • Openness to 5G technology: President Maduro “asked to move forward quickly so that 5G technology reaches all of Venezuela with force.”


Source: eluniversal and social networks

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