Sony launches its first BRAVIO virtual assistant

The technology company Sony has just launched its first virtual assistant BRAVIO, which will help users choose a television according to their needs

Sony has launched its first virtual assistant BRAVIO, capable of answering six simple questions in less than a minute, in order to help users choose the television that best suits their needs and preferences, among all BRAVIA models.

The technology company aims to improve the personalized purchasing experience so that users can make the best choice when purchasing their television. To do this, it has presented a service that will answer the most common questions instantly and virtually.

BRAVIO is available to users through QR codes located on television screens in the stores of the main distributors, or directly to through the web.

Specifically, as the company explained in a statement, it is an assistant focused on the range of Sony televisions with Better Resolution Integrated Audiovisual Architecture (BRAVIA). Likewise, it is capable of answering six simple questions in less than a minute.

These questions may be related to the space in which the television will be installed, the brightness of the room, the size of the screen, the distance at which the screen will be viewed, or even the type of content that will be displayed. Additionally, BRAVIO will also be able to provide quotes and other details to “get the perfect recommendation.”

Following this line, the assistant can also show a summary of the main features of a specific model and, in addition, will share suggestions for the most suitable Sony sound bars to combine with the BRAVIA television. All this with the aim of providing the user with an “even more complete” audiovisual experience.

With BRAVIO, the company aims to complement the work of Sony store staff and specialists. However, in addition to all this, the company has recalled that if you want an “even more personal” experience you can contact a real assistant through a phone call.

Source: dpa

(Referential image source: Sony, Europa Press / dpa)

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