Criptan launches Visa card for purchases with cryptocurrencies in Spain

The crypto buying and selling platform focused on the Spanish market has just made its first physical Visa card available to customers

The inhabitants of the Iberian region have a new payment mechanism in cryptocurrencies, to be used in all authorized Spanish businesses, by the hand of the Criptan platform.

In the midst of the economic crisis that the Covid-19 pandemic has generated, the company founded a year ago by Jorge Soriano and Jaume Sola, is now betting on a financial solution through its first rechargeable physical Visa card.

With this instrument, customers will be able to cancel purchases in different shops in Spain. However, it was learned that Criptan seeks to facilitate the sending of money between users, as well as the transfers of remittances from one country to another.

The platform also underlines its Criptanpay system, which, as Soriano emphasizes, “will allow any company in the world to accept cryptocurrencies as payment, but receive euros in their bank account. For this, there are no associated costs and no need to know about cryptocurrencies.”

Criptan currently has a portfolio of 2,500 users. However, its projections aim to close 2020 with 25,000 users. In this way, they join the rest of the companies in the fintech sector that are committed to offering the client fast, reliable and secure solutions in times of pandemic.


Source: cointelegraph

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