LinkedIn launches its own native video calling tool

The social network aims to boost the ecosystem of the platform through this initiative and strengthen its advantages in the daily environment of those who connect to this network

The social network LinkedIn recently launched its own video calling function, which is integrated into its platform’s chat, offering users a way to connect and communicate without having to download an application or leave the web.

The new application was developed jointly with Azure, Microsoft’s communication services platform, the company to which the social network belongs. And it becomes part of the deployment that LinkedIn has been making in terms of new and more dynamic visual tools within its platform, such as stories or live broadcasts.

The incorporation of video calls is a great strength because it allows users to live a more comfortable and complete experience that provides complementary information within the video call, which will be present in the profile of the members, seen at the bottom of the video.

This attribute guarantees added value, particularly in the job search, by promoting a more dynamic environment for interviews or meetings in the future. The new tool will be deployed to all users of the social network throughout this week.

According to what was expressed by the representatives of the social network, with this new application it is guaranteed “from an initial job search to a 1: 1 conversation. We wanted to boost the productivity of our members from start to finish, while we kept safe. By adding video conferencing as part of the messaging experience, members can virtually connect while maintaining the context of their existing conversation.”

The initiative will have an initial phase of development that will be available for personal video calls, but they plan to expand it to incorporate several members to the meetings. They are also working on facilitating the connection, which is why when terms related to video calls appear in the conversation, a button will appear to speed up the process and start the conference.

M. Rodríguez


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