Commercial relation between Germany and Adidas will end in 2027

The commercial partnership between Germany and Adidas will be replaced in 2027 by a new one, following an agreement with Nike, which will become the manufacturer of the DFB uniforms

The German Football Federation announced on Thursday, May 2, the end of its commercial relationship with Adidas starting in 2027, when Nike becomes the manufacturer of the uniforms as well as a provider of other services.

It is estimated that the commercial relationship between the DFB and Adidas was one of the longest and most recognized in history, since it spans 77 years of commercial alliance. However, apparently the 50 million euros that Adidas paid annually “did not satisfy the most powerful federation in Europe, mired in a financial crisis comparable to the political and economic uncertainty that has gripped Germany since 2022.”

The news of the switch from Adidas to Nike was announced by Bernd Neuendorf, president of the DFB, who indicated: “The federation will partner with Nike on equipment from 2027 to 2034. Nike will equip all DFB national teams and will promote German football in its entirety.”

For his part, Adidas spokesman Oliver Brüggen reported that the German federation’s decision had come as a surprise, amid the recent disclosure of the first annual losses in 30 years.

During the next Euro Cup, which will be held in Germany between June 14 and July 14, the German team will gather at the Adidas headquarters in Herzobenaurach, Bavaria.

In any case, they are eager to start working with Nike. In this regard, Neuendorf advanced: “The future association will allow the DFB to continue carrying out key tasks in the next decade with a view to the comprehensive development of football in Germany. One thing is also clear: until December 2026, we will do everything possible to achieve shared success with our current and long-term partner, Adidas, to whom German football owes a lot for more than seven decades.”


Source: elpais

(Reference image source: Tom Sodoge in Unsplash)

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