Lawyers request exhumation of QuadrigaCX CEO remains

Through a law firm, the Canadian Police were asked to verify identity for Gerry Cotten

The law firm Miller Thomson asked the Canadian Mounted Police to exhume the body of Gerry Cotter, CEO and founder of QuadrigaCX.

“A post mortem autopsy on Gerald Cotten’s body to confirm both his identity and his identity given the questionable circumstances surrounding Mr. Cotten’s death and the significant losses of the affected users,” says the firm.

The reason for this is Cotten “took with him” the access codes to more than $ 120 million within its exchange platform. After his death, the wallets were immobilized and inaccessible, given that without the keys the necessary movements can be made.

After passing away in December 2018, in January 2019 users of this platform began to complain about the impossibility of withdrawing their money.

Cotten’s body was taken to Canada after his death and was buried there without any autopsy. In this scenario, Cotten’s wife’s lawyer spoke about the request for exhumation:

“Gerry died on December 9, 2018 in India: an independent investigation conducted by Globe & Mail confirmed it earlier this year, and should not be in doubt. While Ms. Robertson has helped affected Quadriga users in asset recovery, and has fully cooperated with the investigation of Ernst & Young, it is not clear how exhumation or an autopsy to confirm the cause of Gerry’s death due to complications derived from Crohn’s disease would further help the process of asset recovery,” he detailed.

K. Tovar

Source: Xakata

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