Locha Mesh allows bitcoin transactions without the Internet

It is a Venezuelan project that launched the pre-sale of its device called Turpial

Venezuela continues to venture into the world of cryptocurrencies, this time with the Locha Mesh platform, ready to carry out bitcoin transactions without the Internet.

The Venezuelan project has launched a device called Trupial for pre-sale, and although it is still in development, interested users can pre-order the product focused on the transmission of transactions and messages without an Internet connection.

One of the developers of the Locha Mesh team, Jean Dudey, confirmed that the tool “is still under development, we are in the pre-production stage”, ensuring that it is currently possible to pre-order the product “by making a donation to the development of the software and hardware ”of USD 200, while a deposit of USD 500 corresponds to 3 devices.”

According to Dudey, this project is totally authentic and 100% Venezuelan because both the design, as well as the Trupial software and hardware “have been made from scratch” in the same project.

The developer reported: “The development of decentralized mesh networks is not very common” and to date, for a network like Locha’s, “there have been no drivers that could be used with modern and free technologies.”


Source: criptonoticias

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