Latin America and Europe promote independent energy trading

An agreement between the Association of Independent Energy Marketers of Spain and organizations from Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Brazil and Portugal, seeks to promote independent energy marketing

A strategic alliance between Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Brazil and Portugal, with the Association of Independent Energy Marketers (ACIE), from Spain, aims to “promote actions aimed at promoting commercialization in the region.”

Among the main objectives of this agreement is to achieve a solid balance in the region between public policies and the interests of end users, “in the context of the energy transition.”

The consumer and his interests are the main focus of all the principles enunciated in the document of this agreement. “The fulfillment of the objectives of the energy policy must be in favor of the interests of the final consumers. We support with the same force the actions in favor of the mitigation of climate change and access to competitive prices and conditions”, the document indicates.

The organizations Acie, Abraceel (Brazil), ACE (Mexico), Acce (Colombia), Acen (Chile) and Acemel (Portugal), together with ACIE (Spain), participate in this alliance. All have declared their commitment to “promote effective competition in the energy markets, in order to enable the delivery of flexible services according to the needs of each end user.”

Access to competitive prices by consumers will be achieved through the implementation of a common energy market in the physical coupling areas, with the participation of the different market agents.


Source: elperiodicodelaenergia

(Reference image source: Matthew Henry, Unsplash)

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