Investors and cryptocurrency miners will pay taxes in Denmark

Investments and mining of cryptocurrencies in Denmark will be subject to the payment of tariffs according to the recent decision of the Supreme Court of the country

The Supreme Court of Denmark has established that Bitcoin mining and investment cannot be considered tax-free, due to the speculative nature of such activities.

Taking into account that those who buy Bitcoin estimate that they can sell them at a higher price, investments and mining are subject to the payment of tariffs in the country.

Denmark is a nation known for its strong policies. Far from being a tax haven, the measures apply to all citizens and companies.

In the field of cryptocurrencies, investors with profits that do not exceed 58,900 kroner will be charged a 27 % fee. Larger amounts will receive a 42 % tax.

In this way, the highest body that regulates taxation in Denmark makes clear the rules for those who invest in cryptocurrencies or are dedicated to their accumulation through mining.


Source: cripto247

(Reference image source: Kristijan Arsov, Unsplash)

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