Spotify permanently closed its live music platform

The music platform announced the definitive closure due to its nature of "independent application"

Spotify announced the closure of its live music application Spotify Live because it considers that it “does not make sense as a standalone application” of the streaming music and podcast platform.

The company launched Spotify Live after renaming Greenroom in April 2022. Until then, this other one worked as a standalone application that allowed you to join live conversations about sports, music or culture and did not require an account in the streaming music service. .

Spotify Live, on the other hand, was not only available as a standalone application, but also within the start menu of the music streaming platform’s own application. So, this renowned app kept the functions of Greenroom and added new exclusive content.

The company has now decided to cancel this application, “after a period of experimentation and learning about how Spotify users interact with live audio“, as confirmed to Music Ally initially.

“We believe there is a future for live interactions between fans and creators in the Spotify ecosystem, however, based on our experience, it no longer makes sense as a standalone application,” the company said.

However, the company has also announced that it has seen “promising results” in the case of ‘listening parties’, that is, listening sessions with creators, and that it will continue to “explore to facilitate live interactions between artists and fans”.

K. Tovar

Source: Hipertextual

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