Discord launches its tool for content moderation

Discord launches AutoMod, a tool designed for automatic content moderation that also protects the community and creates safer environments

The instant messaging company Discord is increasing the number of tools for content moderation and launched Automod, a tool for automatic content moderation that will allow the protection of communities and the creation of protected environments.

The company reported that AutoMod is a highly effective automatic keyword filter that makes it easy for “moderators to detect, block, or receive alerts for harmful messages or phrases.”

With this new tool, moderators who are not active have the ability to place users who post harmful things in an automatic “timeout”. The moderation team of a server will be able to determine the type of words or phrases that are harmful and configure custom keyword filters.

As expressed by the company: “Community moderation should be a hobby that you celebrate. Walking away to make time for yourself shouldn’t be racking you with guilt about what might be happening when you’re gone. Moderating your growing community should feel rewarding and satisfying, not add constant stress by dealing with bad actors or rogue members.”

New resources for Discord users

Additionally, the company is expanding its Premium membership program, with this program users will be able to set up paid subscriptions for their servers.

Moderators and admins have become a staple of online communities, which is why Discord is launching two new resources for these users, including the Discord Community Resources “educational hub.” The company indicated.

Said center will be a blog with articles by experienced community leaders that aims to “teach moderators and administrators how to build, engage and grow their servers.”

On the other hand, Discord will also launch a new “Community of administrators” aimed at moderators and administrators, which will be conducted by the company itself in order to help them chat and connect.

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