Instagram works on blocking several accounts simultaneously

The social network confirmed that it is conducting tests so that users can restrict more than one user at the same time

Instagram indicated that it is testing a new function that allows the user to block or restrict several accounts at once from the comments section as a measure to eliminate cyberbullying on the platform.

Jane Manchung Wong, an expert in reverse engineering, confirmed through her Twitter account the beta function of the application, where she showed a series of captures on how it worked.

By clicking on the accounts in the “Comments” section, the user can select those on which he wants to execute the action. The “Block account” or “Restrict account” options will appear at the bottom, followed by the number of accounts that have been selected.

A few hours later, the Instagram communications account confirmed Wong’s revelation. The company explained that it was a test function to reduce online harassment and that more news on that would arrive soon.

This function allows the user to block or restrict several accounts at once directly from the Comments section. This is another step of Instagram to reduce bullying on its platform.

K. Tovar

Source: Ndtv

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