Colombia loses more than 4 million jobs in July

It was learned that the Andean country reached an unemployment rate of 20.2%, according to figures from the National Administrative Department of Statistics (NADS)

The figures represent a new rebound compared to June, when an unemployment rate of 19.8% was registered, but it is below the rate of 21.4% registered in May.

The National Administrative Department of Statistics (NADS) explains that the high occupation is explained by the situation of urban unemployment, which includes the 13 cities and metropolitan areas of Bogotá, Medellín, Cali, Barranquilla, Bucaramanga, Manizales, Pereira, Cúcuta, Pasto, Ibagué, Montería, Cartagena and Villavicencio.

Specifically, unemployment in these regions climbed to 24.7%, compared to 10.7% in the same month the previous year, with 2.43 million fewer people working.

On the other hand, for the seventh month of the year, the employment rate was 45.1%, compared to 56.2% in July 2019. “Month by month the contractions of the employed population have been adjusting in response to the measures of sequential reopening of various sectors of the economy “, explains the director of DANE, Juan Daniel Oviedo.

Among the most affected sectors in the country are those related to commerce, automotive, bars and restaurants.

“We went from having 486,000 people who have been looking for work between three and six months, now we have 2.1 million people, with which there is a relationship of consistency with the pandemic and the increase in the unemployed population,” adds Oviedo.

Source: dpa

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