Increases the cost of a Venezuelan passport abroad

According to the Official Gazette number 42,485, the cost of the Venezuelan passport abroad will be 120 dollars as of October 30

The Venezuelan authorities announced the new cost of the passport for their nationals abroad, published in the Official Gazette number 42,485. The regulations will come into force on October 30.

According to the information highlighted in the media, the resolution establishes the new “rights and fees related to consular actions, among which is the issuance or renewal of the Venezuelan passport abroad.”

This Saturday, the executive published the Official Gazette number 42,485, detailing the amounts that must be paid at the Consular Offices and Consular Sections of the Embassies of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela abroad.

In its Article number 1, it is established that “to verify or legalize documents of origin, animal or plant health, antiquity or aging, they have a cost of $ 90“. Likewise, the issuance or renewal of the document will cost 120 dollars / 120 euros, “and any other declaration or action that the laws and regulations attribute to it, will be $ 60.”

Below is an extract from the Official Gazette number 42,485, with the corresponding information:




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Source: eluniversal

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