Humanoid robots with positive impact on humanity

The company Figure, a manufacturer of humanoid robots, focuses on purposeful models that have a positive impact on humanity

Improving efficiency in the most difficult tasks is the focus of most humanoid robot creators. The California-based company Figure focuses on its models having a purpose and a positive impact on human life.

Its main motto is “to create generally applicable humanoids that have a positive impact on humanity and generate a better life for future generations.”

According to the firm, its robots are created to “make people live happier and more purposeful lives.”

Figure models are already present in various industry sectors, such as automotive, transportation, logistics, and retail. However, they also perform optimally in household chores, as assistants to the elderly.

At the same time, the company has the ambition of, in the future, contributing to the construction of new environments on other planets.

As Brett Adcock, founder of the company, highlights, its work is aimed “at developing software so that its tools expand their capabilities and perform more complex job functions. Figures will never be used in military, defense applications or in any other function that requires inflicting harm on humans.”

One of Figure’s most recent business partnerships is with German automaker BMW for the use of humanoid robots in the assembly of its vehicles. The abilities of the Figure robots, which measure 1.7 meters tall, will be used in manufacturing processes, especially in those tasks that are more risky for humans, according to Robert Engelhorn, president and CEO of BMW Manufacturing.


Source: Wired

(Reference image source: @Figure_robot, social network X)

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