Huawei’s message for 2020: “Survival will be our priority”

The renowned company admits that 2020 will be a "difficult" year after the Trump administration vetoed the firm's operations in the US

The workers of the renowned company Huawei are either “tree growers” or “diggers” and the “heady aroma of plums” comes only after the “deep bite that winter gives.”

The renowned Chinese company expressed this way in a poetic message that he offered about the New Year in which it also traces its “vision” for 2020 where it admits that 2020 will be difficult after the Trump administration vetoed the operations of the firm in the United States.

According to the technology giant, its production for this new year is destined to generate sales below expectations, with 18% to reach US $ 122,000 million. They says there will continue to be pressure on his operations in 2020 and that Huawei will not leave the Entity List, which collects the names of companies, research centers, governments and even foreign individuals that the United States prohibits operating in the country or do business with American people or companies.

After the US described Huawei as a threat to its national security in the face of the alleged close connection “to the Chinese government and its military apparatus,” the company defends itself by claiming that the decision was based on “hints and wrong assumptions.”

For his part, Eric Xu, the company’s rotating president, said in a statement that “the US government’s campaign against Huawei is strategic and long-term.” He also took advantage of his New Year’s message to thank the Huawei workers, especially “employees who were on the front line working day and night to repair the holes in this besieged plane of ours and their families, and who were by his side.”


Source: bbc

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